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2014 – Own it!

Blink… What was that? 2013… Gone! Mind Clear – Eyes Clear – 2014 is here and waiting for us to make our mark – Bring it on! No need to talk about the horrendous heat experienced for a few… Read More

HeatCool by a nose!

Spring is finally here and Summer is around the corner… HANG ON!!!??? October round-up: Wind gusts peaking at 143km/h – 90,000 homes without power in Melbourne – A temperature high of 32 degrees and an overnight low of 5… Read More

Errol – A Top bloke.

Spring!! If you’re a lamb you’re bouncing around in the grass and daffodils without a care in the world… If you’re a farmer you’re no doubt yelling “It won’t stand still”… So those that read our August blog would… Read More

June – It’s a month.

Alooooha!! That was an odd little May. A week of mid to high twenties thrown in to remind us all of summer times gone by – Kooky! May saw a massive spike in those wishing to get their heating… Read More

Batman and Carbon Monoxide

What’s this Batman? No weather comment? Has Gotham City fallen into a temperature-less void? Will we see the Caped Crusader emerge from the shadows and pass comment again? Stay tuned to see the epic conclusion of “Where has the… Read More

Winter – Get Agressive!

Ok so I hate to sound like a broken 33 vinyl, but WOW! Eight consecutive days in the mid to high thirties!!?? In March? Seriously? OK Ok ok ‘Leary-vent’ over – Thanks for listening. April MUST see temperatures drop… Read More

Weather forecast: Up and down and all over the place.

Well we predicted Weather-God tomfoolery in February and that is exactly what we got. Hottest day in Melbourne – 38.7 degrees. Coldest day in Melbourne – 18.2 degrees. Hottest night in Melbourne – 22.2 degrees. Coldest night in Melbourne… Read More

“How about this HEAT!?”

‘…I walk around in the summer time saying “How about this heat?”…’ Happens to be a line in an incredibly ‘not-politically-correct’ Dennis Leary track from 1993. Who knew back then, that we ALL would be quoting him 20 years… Read More

Whoooooooooo – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Unreal – 2013 is here – What lies ahead? Economic Growth? Housing price hike? Retail Sector slump? Ashes? Lions? Tennis? F1? AFL flag? One thing is for sure, only a select few of us can directly impact or control… Read More