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Air quality warning for Victorian asthma sufferers

Published: The Age May 13 2017 VIEW ORIGINAL ARTICLE Melbourne’s air quality will continue to be so poor over the weekend, the Environmental Protection Agency has issued a warning for asthma sufferers. On Friday morning, air quality tracker AirVisualEarth… Read More

CO poisoning is increasing risk

Published Shepparton News: by TAYLAH BURROWS MARCH 29, 2017 As the temperature begins to drop and the cooler weather sets in, community members are reminded to ensure their heaters are working properly. Greater Shepparton is no stranger to the dangers of faulty… Read More

Get ready for the hottest summer EVER:

Get ready for the hottest summer EVER: Sydney to be HIT by heatwaves and bushfires with a sweltering start to December Australia will experience a hotter and drier start to December than average NSW will be plagued by fast… Read More

New Study Highlights the Deadly Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Posted in: Building Remediation Sciences, Building Sciences, IAQ Learning Institute,IndoorAirTest.com, Laboratory (EDLab), Press Release, Pure-Steam How you can take action and prevent adverse reactions to common household items                                    … Read More

Indoor Air Quality Can Cause Health Problems

Are you worried about the quality of the air you breath? Whilst we all too aware of the effects of pollution in our cities, don’t assume that you indoor environment is any safer. According to the EPA, the air… Read More

Evaporative vs Refrigerated Cooling

In a perfect world we’d all just open a window or stick on a fan to cool down. But when it’s hot, some type of cooling brings sweet relief – especially at night when it feels too warm to… Read More

February – Footy – Falafel.

#stanimal #stanimal #stanimal – What a result – What a tourney!! Well done, again, Melbourne! Surely now the ultimate Slam – A massive test of fitness, strength and character – Is there a bigger one? I love the sound… Read More